Friday, October 9, 2009

Proposal finalized and Groovy source browsing

I hope I am done with my proposal. Sent the latest update off for approval. Here's hoping.

I also downloaded the Groovy source so that I could get a better understanding of how the GroovyScriptEngine works and what I can expect from it. I find that debugging through a simple test program with the source is a fantastic way to come to grips with a new piece of code.

I've been exchanging emails with the JMXTerm author, Jiaqi Guo, about incorporating some small changes I made to JMXTerm over the summer into the main code. He seems reluctant to pick up the changes involving adding new command line options. These were required for wrapping JMXTerm inside another Java program at work where the existing mechanism of piping commands into JMXTerm through stdin was not really an option. I would really like to get the changes back into the mainline as forking the code would be a real hassle.

That also brings up the question of how I'm going to handle source control. I don't have checkin permission to the JMXTerm code that I'm going to be changing, nor would I want to check into the trunk with such experimental changes. Should I request a branch off of the JMXTerm code from Jiaqi, or copy the whole branch into my google code project and merge the changes later when and if Jiaqi is ok with them. Haven't quite decided yet.

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